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  • Publication - Working Paper

    Management in Pakistan: Performance and conflict

    7 Jan 2019 | Ali Choudhary, Renata Lemos, John Van Reenen

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Expectativas Subjectivas e Escolhas Ocupacionais de Estudantes Universitários em Moçambique

    A transição da educação para o mercado de trabalho tem vindo a receber uma atenção crescente entre os economistas e formuladores de políticas públicas, especialmente nos países em desenvolvimento. Este estudo analisa o papel das expectativas subjectivas sobre o emprego e salário na tomada de decisões de carreira profissional entre estudantes do ensino...

    7 Jan 2019 | Mariapia Mendola, Luigi Minale, Ines Raimundo

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Subjective expectations and occupational choices among university students in Mozambique

    The transition from school to the labour market is receiving growing attention among economists and policymakers, especially in developing countries. This study examines the role of subjective expectations about employment and earnings in influencing occupational choices in three different sectors (public, private, and self- employment) among university students in...

    7 Jan 2019 | Mariapia Mendola, Luigi Minale, Ines Raimundo

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Laying roads to more productive farming: Evidence from Ethiopia

    Starting in 1997, Ethiopia embarked on a comprehensive road infrastructure expansion programme, with its recent Universal Rural Road Access Programme focusing explicitly on connecting rural communities to markets. This research quantifies the effects of Ethiopia’s new roads on aggregate and local agricultural productivity outcomes over 1996-2014. To do so, it...

    7 Jan 2019 | Tasso Adamopoulos

  • Project

    Industrial policies in the Tanzanian agro-processing industry: Challenges and policy responses

    Industrialisation is critical for job creation, income generation and sustainable long-run development. Tanzania will need to transform its economy in order to increase value addition in its export basket, tap into global value chains (GVCs) and, ultimately, provide its citizens with a better life. Industrial policy is an important but very delicate area of public policy...

    3 Jan 2019 | Samuel Mwita Wangwe, Francesca Guadagno, André Castro

  • Event

    Exploring key challenges to firm success in Uganda IGC, BRAC and the World Bank co-hosted a workshop with the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives on ‘Stimulating Firm Growth, Productivity and Remunerative Employment in Uganda’. This workshop was part of ongoing IGC-funded work with the Ministry on vocational training and technology adoption and...

    14 December 2018

  • Project

    Prices, firm-to-firm trade, and import substitution in Rwanda

    In developing countries, where domestic firms often lack the capabilities to produce intermediate goods efficiently, firms rely heavily on imported intermediate inputs for production. Reflecting this observation, there is now ample evidence that import prices of these intermediate goods have important consequences for production and profit margins of the domestic importers...

    18 Dec 2018 | John Spray, Yuhei Miyauchi, Jie Bai

  • Blog post

    The supply chain for seed in Uganda: Where does it all go wrong?

    Seed quality is a major concern in Uganda Evidence from recent studies suggests low country-wide adoption of improved seeds by farmers. Farmers prefer to use home-saved seeds, indicating that they did not perceive the benefits of improved seed to be worth the cost (Tripp and Rohrbach, 2001; Remington et al., 2002; Sperling et al., 2008).  This has been linked to several...

    14 Dec 2018 | Nathan Fiala

  • Publication - Synthesis paper

    Addressing constraints to small and growing businesses

    Salaried wage jobs are the distinguishing feature separating the middle class from the poor in developing countries (Banerjee and Duflo 2008). Where do salaried wage jobs come from, and how can small and medium-sized firms create more of them? This synthesis paper reviews the evidence on constraints to growth of small and medium enterprises. It first examines evidence on...

    22 Nov 2018 | Christopher Woodruff