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    Nick Bloom: Do management interventions last?

    How does improving management practices improve firm performance? Nick Bloom shares research results from India, which show that introducing management practices to textile firms had lasting impact several years on.

    18 May 2018

  • Publication - Project Memo

    Management in Pakistan: Evidence from Sindh, Khyber-Paktunkhawa, and Baluchistan

    2 Mar 2018 | John Van Reenen, Ali Choudhary, Nick Bloom, Renata Lemos

  • Publication - Project Report

    Scarcity at the end of the month: First results from a field experiment in Bangladesh

    31 Jul 2017 | Emily Breza, Martin Kanz, Leora Klapper

  • Publication - Project Report

    Growth policy, agglomeration, and (the lack of) competition

    28 Jul 2017 | Wyatt Brooks, Joseph Kaboski, Yao Amber Li

  • Blog post

    Barriers to labour migration in Bangladesh’s garment sector

    A rigorous randomised controlled trial (RCT) impact study shows how a targeted training-programme, stipend and on-the-job training (OJT) intervention may have a significant effect on worker participation in Bangladesh’s ready-made garments (RMG) sector. Interestingly, training is only effective in increasing participation in the sector when it is bundled with a stipend,...

    15 Mar 2017 | Abu Shonchoy

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    IGC panel - REPOA annual research conference

    The IGC presented a panel discussion at the REPOA annual research conference on March 30 in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania). The overall theme of this year's conference was “Institutions and Industrialization”. The Tanzania PM was the guest of honour and policy makers, politicians, research donor partners and other senior civil servants were also present. IGC...

    30 March 2017

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    Illegal mining in Ghana

    Illegal mining operations are destroying the farmlands, forests, and water bodies in Ghana. The general public and academia are calling for a concerted effort to rid the country of illegal mining activities and to restore the abandoned mining sites across the country. However, in order to formulate and implement measures to effectively address the problem, there is...

    21 February 2017

  • Blog post

    Drivers for diversification: Firm productivity and export growth

    During the past decade of relatively high copper prices, Zambia enjoyed high GDP growth rates but employment growth has been inadequate and narrowly concentrated.  Growth rates have declined sharply since 2014 due in large part to declining copper prices which reduced exports and foreign exchange earnings while putting pressure on exchange rates. Given these developments,...

    21 Dec 2016 | Herryman Moono

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    Regional value chains: Enhancing productivity in East Africa

    In partnership with the IGC, Duke University’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC) reveals the potential for regional integration to strengthen value chains and improve productivity in Rwanda and Uganda. Despite recent regional improvements in poverty reduction and economic growth rates in East Africa, firm productivity in the region remains low....

    9 Dec 2016 | Jack Daly

  • Event

    IGC-SCID Conference on firms, trade, and development 2016

    The IGC and Stanford’s Center for International Development (SCID) hosted their annual two-day conference at Stanford on 3-4 November 2016. The conference brought together some of the world’s foremost researchers on firms, trade, and development with the aim of furthering the knowledge frontier and generating interest for the research agenda. This year, the...

    3–4 November 2016