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    Businesses suffered and jobs disappeared across Liberia during the Ebola outbreak, according to research funded by the IGC

    Liberia’s economic downturn during the Ebola outbreak was severe, with businesses in Montserrado county – home to the capital Monrovia – especially suffering, shows new research funded by the IGC. According to a new IGC bulletin, 12% of businesses surveyed across Liberia during the peak of the Ebola crisis (September to November 2014) reported to have closed down...

    16 Dec 2015

  • Publication - Bulletin

    The economic impacts of Ebola – Bulletin six (December 2015)

    16 Dec 2015 | Jeremy Bowles, Jonas Hjort, Timothy Melvin, Eric Werker

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Crowdsourcing government accountability: Experimental evidence from Pakistan

    5 Nov 2015 | Arman Rezaee, Ali Hasanain, Yasir Khan

  • Event

    African bank lending channels workshop

    IGC Uganda recently held a workshop with policymakers from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, and Zambia to discuss lending channels in Sub-Saharan Africa. Monetary policy in Sub-Saharan Africa is evolving. The introduction of new technologies such as mobile money, as well as financial deepening is leading to unstable money multipliers and...

    27 April 2015

  • Project

    Developing a local content unit for Mozambique

    Mozambique’s gas reserves have the potential to transform the country into one of the world’s top energy exporters The challenge now is to generate local jobs as the gas industry grows and matures The report proposes the creation of a ‘Local Content Unit’ within the relevant Ministry The government is currently assessing the scope for...

    24 Apr 2015 | John Sutton, Felix Simione

  • Project

    The economic impacts of Ebola on firms in Sierra Leone

    Katherine Casey (Stanford), Rachel Glennerster (J-PAL), and Tavneet Suri (MIT) have initiated a research project studying the firm-level impact of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. Our objective is twofold: first, to bring reliable quantitative data to the policy discussion as the outbreak unfolds in real time; and second, to establish baseline information on the private...

    24 Feb 2015 | Rachel Glennerster, Tavneet Suri, Katherine E. Casey

  • Project

    Markups and capital misallocation: a trade-off? Evidence from the Indian manufacturing sector

    This project offers an analysis of the trade-off between capital misallocation and competition (measured by markups) in the context of India’s manufacturing sector. This analysis integrates reduced form empirical evidence with a theoretical model in order to allow for counterfactual analysis of India’s liberalisation episode. The analysis proceeds in three steps. First,...

    20 Feb 2015 | Simon Galle

  • Project

    The impact of the Ebola outbreak on firms in Liberia

    Most of the estimates of the economic impact of Ebola have been either anecdotal or top-down using national accounts. We do not yet have survey data on how individual firms are being hit by the epidemic and how they are responding, including the effect on workers and the orientation of the firms themselves to potentially new business opportunities. We propose collecting...

    20 Feb 2015 | Jeremy Bowles, Jonas Hjort, Timothy Melvin, Eric Werker

  • Event

    Workshop: Firms, Industry and SME Data in India

    Industrialisation, firms, employment and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are important areas of research in understanding the characteristics and success of a national economy Researchers using official statistics on these sectors often face problems in gaining access to appropriate data The matchmaking workshop brought together top...

    27 March 2015

  • Blog post

    Entrepreneurial solutions for African development

    Across Africa, entrepreneurs are starting every size, and every type, of business. Many countries have resounding declarations about entrepreneurial culture, and want the solutions to poverty and unemployment to be entrepreneurial, but what does this mean in practice? What are the challenges for African entrepreneurs? And what steps – large and small – need to be taken...

    2 Feb 2015 | Mthuli Ncube