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    The effect of aid on growth: Evidence from a quasi-experiment

    Does aid drive real (per capita) GDP growth in recipient countries? Today’s blog uses the International Development Association’s threshold criterion for aid eligibility to estimate the effect of aid on growth and finds physical infrastructure investments are a key driver of growth impacts from aid. Identifying the causal effect of development aid on growth poses a...

    28 Apr 2016 | Sebastian Galiani, Stephen Knack, Colin Xu, Ben Zou

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    Rethinking clientelism: Politics of service delivery in rural India

    Clientelism is often blamed for public service delivery failures in developing countries. While the top-down drivers of political support in exchange for service delivery for specific constituents is well-documented, local grassroots influence and the effect of democratic mobilisation by local communities are less well-understood. This blog looks at the value of combining...

    19 Apr 2016 | Aditya Dasgupta

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    Why Zimbabwe's diamond mines need better regulation, not state ownership

    Zimbabwe experiments with state ownership of diamond mines in an effort to resuscitate waning commodity revenues for state finances. Zimbabwe, like many African countries, faces an ongoing struggle to secure fair compensation for its mineral wealth. The question of how to maximise government revenues from the mining sector is a complex matter. But turning the sector...

    16 Mar 2016 | Sarah Logan

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    The Political Economy of Change: the Case of Senegal

    The International Growth Centre, the LSE Institute of Global Affairs and the LSE Africa Centre hosted a public lecture featuring Mr. Ali Mansoor (IMF mission chief for Senegal and former Secretary of State of the Ministry of Finance of Mauritius), Daouda Sembene (Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Senegal) and Salifou Issoufou (IMF economist). The past decade has...

    17 March 2016

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    Ganga pollution cases: Impact on infant mortality

    In response to a writ petition against pollution of the river Ganga due to industrial waste, the Supreme Court of India in 1987 mandated tanneries in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to clean up or shut down. Today’s blog looks at the effects of that watershed Supreme Court ruling on levels of river pollution and infant mortality in Kanpur. India's rivers are heavily polluted....

    26 Feb 2016 | Shareen Joshi

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    Sub-regional Workshop on Mobile Money in West Africa

    The mobile money financial services industry is now expanding rapidly in the West African sub-region after its phenomenal growth in East Africa. Experiences of East and Southern African countries confirm that mobile money presents a unique opportunity to encourage and enhance financial inclusion, formalise the informal sector and tap into the domestic savings in rural...

    14–16 March 2016

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    Rachel Glennerster on Radio Democracy

    25 Feb 2016

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    One nation, many worlds: Varieties of developmental regimes in India

    The development trajectory in Indian states strongly suggests that state governments display distinct preference for certain kinds of development policies. Successive governments in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, for example, have been pro-redistribution irrespective of the nature of party ideology, while both the centrist Congress and center-right BJP led governments in Gujarat...

    25 Feb 2016 | Poulomi Chakrabarti , Ashutosh Varshney

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    What Museveni’s priorities must be if Uganda is to become middle income

    Ugandans turned out to vote in the national elections last week, one of the main areas of interest for Ugandans in the run up to the 2016 elections was the state of the economy. The Electoral Commission has declared Yoweri Museveni the winner although to date, the opposition still disputes the results. Today’s blog looks at the challenges that lie ahead for Uganda’s...

    25 Feb 2016 | Astrid Haas

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    Public Sector Performance and Motivation (Project Memo)

    21 Feb 2016 | Andrew Zeitlin, Clare Leaver, Pieter Serneels