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    Household clean water technology: Valuation, use, and impact

    We utilize the Becker-Degroot-Marschak (1964) mechanism to estimate the willingness to pay for clean drinking water technology in northern Ghana. Under certain conditions, the BDM mechanism has attractive properties for empirical research, allowing us to directly estimate demand, compute heterogeneous treatment effects, and study the direct and screening effect of prices...

    1 Sep 2009 | Greg Fischer, James Berry, Raymond Guiteras

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    Public Good Experiments in Ghana

    This study tests the willingness of community members to donate to public infrastructure in four rural communities in Ghana. Using detailed data on the participants and their social networks, it examines the characteristics of those individuals who donate the most, and explore the linkage between donations, the social network and status in the community. Using experimental...

    1 Aug 2009 | Robert Darko Osei, Chris Barrett, Thomas Walker