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    Agricultural trade in Sierra Leone recovers and health-seeking behaviour in Liberia remains robust following the Ebola outbreak, show two new bulletins from the International Growth Centre

    Two new bulletins published by the International Growth Centre show that food security in Sierra Leone, and the number of people seeking healthcare in Liberia, remain at close to normal levels in spite of the Ebola outbreak. In contradiction to the assumptions made by the global health community, IGC funded researchers Karen A. Grépin and Rumi Chunara polled 7,500...

    9 Jun 2015

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    Community outreach is essential for rebuilding trust in Liberia’s government, shows new research funded by the International Growth Centre

    Distrust of government is likely to have contributed to the spread of Ebola in Liberia, according to a new study funded by the International Growth Centre. The research also shows that door-to-door community outreach was an effective way of gaining people’s cooperation in the fight against Ebola, as well as for building trust in government more generally.

    20 May 2015

  • Publication - Bulletin

    The economic impacts of Ebola - Bulletin three (May 2015)

    19 May 2015 | Lily L. Tsai, Robert Blair, Benjamin Morse

  • Project

    A study of the economic impact of the Ebola crisis on Monrovians living on US$1 a day or less

    This study is intended to contribute to the broader work of the IGC in Liberia by providing in-depth information on the challenges faced by the poorest sector of society in the context of the Ebola crisis. Those living on US$1 a day or less make up one of the largest sectors of the urban population, and their poverty represents a major constraint to broader growth in the...

    15 Apr 2015 | Philippa Atkinson, Edward Mulbah, Carolyn Myers Zoduah

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    Economics of Ebola initiative

    The IGC is supporting the Governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia by centrally collating both IGC and non-IGC research on the economic impacts of Ebola, in order to make their policy implications more accessible. Early analysis indicates that the economic costs of the Ebola outbreak will be significant, including panic, loss in confidence, reduction in market...

    10 Mar 2015 | Nadia Hasham

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    How bad data fed the Ebola epidemic

    Misleading reports, speculation and poor projections from international agencies, government ministries and the media about the Ebola outbreak have exacerbated the problem

    5 Mar 2015 | Rachel Glennerster, Tavneet Suri, Herbert M'cleod

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    How mobile money is revolutionising banking in Africa

    75% of sub-Saharan adults do not have a formal bank account yet millions of Africans are using mobile phones to pay bills, move cash, and to buy basic everyday items. Mobile money is revolutionising retail banking in East Africa

    24 Feb 2015 | Sebastian Wolf

  • Project

    The impact of the Ebola outbreak on firms in Liberia

    Most of the estimates of the economic impact of Ebola have been either anecdotal or top-down using national accounts. We do not yet have survey data on how individual firms are being hit by the epidemic and how they are responding, including the effect on workers and the orientation of the firms themselves to potentially new business opportunities. We propose collecting...

    20 Feb 2015 | Jeremy Bowles, Jonas Hjort, Timothy Melvin, Eric Werker

  • Project

    Using SMS data to improve Ebola models and estimate the impact of Ebola on healthcare seeking behaviour in Liberia

    The current Ebola crisis of West Africa has ravaged the health and social sectors of affected countries and has also had pronounced effects on the economies of these countries. Liberia has seen the most deaths, at 4,808 to date. Despite the significance of the outbreak, there has been little data available to measure the extent to which this outbreak has directly affected...

    12 Feb 2015 | Karen Grépin, Rumi Chunara

  • Project

    Population-based surveys to inform Ebola recovery

    Liberia currently faces the dual challenge of rebuilding after the Ebola outbreak while remaining vigilant to prevent its resurgence.  In this process, the Liberian government and humanitarian providers face a dearth of information to inform their efforts to support Ebola recovery. To respond to citizen needs in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis, providers need...

    28 Jan 2015 | Lily L. Tsai, Benjamin Morse, Robert Blair, Sabrina Karim