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  • Publication - Working Paper

    The diffusion of mobile money: Evidence from a lab experiment in the field

    20 Jun 2016 | Cátia Batista, Marcel Fafchamps, Pedro Vicente

  • Blog post

    Clicking towards Mozambique’s new jobs

    A new online job portal in Mozambique may have the potential to improve job-matching through improved access to information between jobs and job-seekers. Inclusive growth in developing countries can hardly be achieved without a widespread dissemination of labour market information. Fortunately, growing penetration of the internet can circumvent existing limitations...

    13 May 2016 | Pedro Martins

  • Blog post

    Want to become an entrepreneur in Mozambique? 3 things you need to know!

    IGC Country Economists Novella and Jorrit share lessons from the IGC Private Sector Development Workshop held in Maputo on March 2016. With low levels of internet penetration, entrepreneurs must find innovative means of overcoming key barriers to building and growing businesses in challenging environments. Imagine you are an entrepreneur who decides to start a business in...

    9 May 2016 | Novella Maugeri, Jorrit Oppewal

  • Event

    Workshop on Private Sector Development in Mozambique – Focus on Managers and Workers

    On 24th March 2016, IGC Mozambique hosted a workshop in Maputo to deliver the baseline results derived from the initial phase of the projects “Financial Literacy of Managers and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation in Corporations” , “Developing vocational training in the Mozambique labour market”  and "Evaluation of the Impact of Mobile Banking and Financial...

    24 March 2016

  • Publication - Miscellaneous

    IGC Mozambique 2017-18 Workplan

    The IGC is contributing to policy in Mozambique mainly through its work on private sector development and state effectiveness. Within these broad themes, we have been particularly active in the areas of access to financial services through mobile money, as well as the construction industry. Current projects include research into the impact of mobile money, an evaluation...

    15 Feb 2016 | International Growth Centre

  • Project

    Improving the management of the health system in Mozambique

    Despite global efforts, we still see 289,000 maternal deaths and 2,762,592 preventable newborn deaths each year (UNICEF 2013). Antenatal care is a critical building block for maternal and newborn health care. Access to affordable, high quality antenatal care (ANC) offers the opportunity to inform women about potential danger signs to look for during their pregnancy,...

    10 Feb 2016 | Sandra Sequeira, Margaret McConnel, Julia Goldberg Raifman

  • Project

    Entrepreneurship training in Mozambique: The role of business skills vs. aspirations

    Increasing the productivity of entrepreneurship and transforming micro-enterprises into SMEs is one of the major challenges facing local policy makers, international institutions, and NGOs. Mozambique is currently highly dependent on coal and aluminium exports from megaprojects, while local private sector development is still lagging behind. Especially in rural areas, where...

    10 Feb 2016 | Cátia Batista, Julia Seither

  • Project

    Financial literacy of managers and the efficiency of capital allocation in corporations

    Economic research suggests that management practices are important drivers of firm-level productivity. A recent IGC study examined management practices in Mozambican manufacturing firms and found that the implementation of good management practices is very low, even when compared to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This indicates that interventions to improve...

    10 Feb 2016 | Cláudia Custódio, Daniel Metzger, Diogo Matos Mendes

  • Project

    On the mechanics of the political resource curse: Behavioural measurements of information and local elite behaviour in Mozambique

    Mozambique discovered substantial natural resources in recent years. Known gas reserves in the Rovuma basin have the potential to transform Mozambique into a global player in Liquefied Natural Gas exports. Being a recent democracy, and with relatively weak institutions, Mozambique also faces considerable risks of resource and revenue mismanagement in the future,...

    10 Feb 2016 | Pedro Vicente, Inês Vilela, Alex Armand