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    Entrepreneurship training in Mozambique: The role of business skills vs. aspirations

    Increasing the productivity of entrepreneurship and transforming micro-enterprises into SMEs is one of the major challenges facing local policy makers, international institutions, and NGOs. Mozambique is currently highly dependent on coal and aluminium exports from megaprojects, while local private sector development is still lagging behind. Especially in rural areas, where...

    10 Feb 2016 | Cátia Batista, Julia Seither

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    Financial literacy of managers and the efficiency of capital allocation in corporations

    Economic research suggests that management practices are important drivers of firm-level productivity. A recent IGC study examined management practices in Mozambican manufacturing firms and found that the implementation of good management practices is very low, even when compared to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This indicates that interventions to improve...

    10 Feb 2016 | Cláudia Custódio, Daniel Metzger, Diogo Matos Mendes

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    On the mechanics of the political resource curse: Behavioural measurements of information and local elite behaviour in Mozambique

    Mozambique discovered substantial natural resources in recent years. Known gas reserves in the Rovuma basin have the potential to transform Mozambique into a global player in Liquefied Natural Gas exports. Being a recent democracy, and with relatively weak institutions, Mozambique also faces considerable risks of resource and revenue mismanagement in the future,...

    10 Feb 2016 | Pedro Vicente, Inês Vilela, Alex Armand

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    Developing vocational training in the Mozambique labour market

    Despite the high economic growth rates exhibited since the end of the civil war, Mozambique is still one of the poorest countries in the world. Its human development index is also particularly low, even when compared to other sub-Saharan countries. Indeed, the data available suggests that the economic growth of the last decade has contributed little to poverty reduction....

    5 Oct 2015 | Pedro Martins, Sofia Pessoa e Costa, Cinzia Rienzo

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    Does management training and consulting services improve working conditions, worker skills and productivity, and firm performance in SMEs? Evidence from the construction industry in Mozambique

    This scoping exercise assessed the feasibility of running a randomised experiment to examine management practices in Mozambican construction firms. It (1) identified the potential sample of firms which would take part in the experiment, (2) engaged with potential partners, met other local management consultants to discuss in more detail the provision of consultancy...

    5 Oct 2015 | Renata Lemos

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    Preventing excess female school drop out in Mozambique: Conditional transfers and the respective role of parent and child in schooling decisions (Phase 2)

    This is a follow-up from this former IGC Mozambique project. Despite large increases in enrolment rates in lower primary school grades, most children are still not completing primary education in Mozambique and numerous other African countries. This issue is even more pronounced for girls than boys, which is problematic not only from an equity point of view, but also from...

    5 Oct 2015 | Christine Valente, Damien de Walque

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    Construction industry and construction materials industry in Mozambique

    Mozambique’s  construction sector has one of the strongest growth outlooks across Sub-Saharan Africa However, there are several significant barriers to the development of the construction industry in the country Researchers suggest the establishment of an Interministerial Forum of the Construction Industry Mozambique’s construction sector has...

    9 Sep 2015 | Rogerio Quintella, Vasco Nhabinde, Novella Maugeri

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    Developing a local content unit for Mozambique

    Mozambique’s gas reserves have the potential to transform the country into one of the world’s top energy exporters The challenge now is to generate local jobs as the gas industry grows and matures The report proposes the creation of a ‘Local Content Unit’ within the relevant Ministry The government is currently assessing the scope for...

    24 Apr 2015 | John Sutton, Felix Simione

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    Natural Resources - Optimal Taxation Regimes

    This project consisted of a thorough review of international best practices in the taxation of natural resources. It further provided detailed guidelines on the taxation schemes available to Mozambique. The output of this research will be presented to the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Finance in 2014.

    12 Nov 2014 | Robert Conrad

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    Approaches to urbanization, land use planning and investments in urban infrastructure

    The Government of Mozambique, through the Ministries of Planning and the Ministry of Public Works, asked the International Growth Centre to support its ongoing effort to improve on the structure of urban development in Maputo, the capital of the country. As a result, a research team was appointed by choosing two architects with prior experience on urbanization issues. The...

    12 Nov 2014 | Verena Andreatta