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  • Publication - Project Report

    Recruitment, motivation, and retention effects of teacher performance pay

    2 May 2017 | Andrew Zeitlin, Clare Leaver, Pieter Serneels, Owen Ozier

  • Blog post

    Rwanda’s export challenge

    Rwanda must create an additional 200,000 jobs per year to absorb its expanding population. Increasing exports could play an important role in achieving this goal. A new policy brief by the IGC outlines the challenges Rwanda needs to overcome to improve its trade balances. Since 2000, Rwanda has seen a rapid rise in exports of goods and services. Increasing exports and...

    27 Mar 2017 | Amanda Jinhage

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Tourism value chains in East Africa

    The importance of tourism for economic growth in Rwanda is hard to overstate. Tourism revenues are now more than double those of its next biggest export, tea. All of its other major exports are strongly beholden to international commodity price fluctuations, making revenues highly unreliable. Tourism is a strong job-creating sector in the wider region, however it...

    23 Mar 2017 | Sally Murray, Sebastian Wolf

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Maize value chains in East Africa

    23 Mar 2017 | Jack Daly, Gary Gereffi, Andrew Guinn

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Dairy value chains in East Africa

    23 Mar 2017 | Ajmal Abdulsamad, Gary Gereffi

  • Blog post

    Building affordable housing in Kigali

    Solving the challenge of affordable urban housing remains a key concern to urban planners and city officials in rapidly urbanising cities. This blog examines a new costing tool that researchers used to model the cost factors of two promising housing designs for low-income markets. Can incrementalism and multi-story construction be effectively scaled to expand access to...

    21 Mar 2017 | Sally Murray, Brian Halusan

  • Project

    Supply chains, exports, and import-substitution

    The two biggest policy priorities of the Rwandan Ministry of Industry, Trade and EAC Affairs (MINEACOM) currently relate to the promotion of exports, and the reduction of the import bill through ‘domestic market recapturing’. This project will conduct two small studies that utilise firm-level tax data to better understand the dynamics and constraints in both these...

    20 Mar 2017 | John Spray

  • Project

    Recruitment, motivation, and retention effects of teacher performance pay

    Skilled and intrinsically motivated personnel are central to state capacity, yet the capability to recruit, elicit effort from, and retain this profile of civil servants remains a challenge in many developing countries. In this project, we ask whether performance contracts for teachers in Rwanda can affect not only the effort provided by existing teachers, but also the...

    17 Mar 2017 | Andrew Zeitlin, Clare Leaver

  • Project

    An effective building tax rate for Rwanda

    This project analyses the impacts of a proposed and various alternative buildings tax for Rwanda. It will also include commenting on the buildings tax threshold, sales tax, land tax provisions and planned valuation procedures, due to their interaction and inclusion in the same draft law.

    14 Mar 2017 | Mihaly Kopanyi