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    Can increased transparency and collective redress improve investor accountability and spur local development? Experimental evidence from Sierra Leone

    Foreign investments in the developing world’s agriculture and mining sectors have increased dramatically. In Africa alone, such investments amount to an area the size of Europe, and in some countries foreign firms own more than 30% of all arable land. Some argue that foreign direct investment (FDI) is a promising development strategy. Others, however, argue that, in the...

    27 Jul 2017 | Darin Christensen, Bilal Siddiqi, Maarten Voors

  • Publication - Project Report

    Roads to trade: The welfare effects of connecting mines versus cities

    27 Jun 2017 | Roberto Bonfatti, Steven Poelhekke

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    Workshop on jobs in Sierra Leone

    IGC Sierra Leone hosted a workshop focused on jobs and inclusive growth on 6th June, in collaboration with DFID Sierra Leone. The workshop directly addressed the question "How do we raise the incomes of the poor in Sierra Leone?" and provided an opportunity for policymakers and donors to engage with the latest evidence on labour market interventions to ensure their...

    6 June 2017

  • Publication - Project Report

    Election debates: Scoping for scale up

    2 May 2017 | Rachel Glennerster

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    Strengthening state capacity in health: Building demand for government services and accurate data on utilisation.

    Ebola deterred Sierra Leoneans from accessing healthcare and undermined citizens’ trust in government services. The number of children vaccinated with Pentavalent 3 declined by 17% (Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) Sierra Leone, UNICEF, 2015). The Government of Sierra Leone, together with development partners is heavily investing in strengthening health services...

    9 Jan 2017 | Anne Karing

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    You can pay me through my cell phone: Mobile money in Sierra Leone

    This past March, the International Growth Centre (IGC), in partnership with the Bank of Sierra Leone, held the ‘Sub-Regional Workshop on Mobile Money in West Africa’ to explore the challenges and opportunities facing West Africa as they seek to replicate successes from East and Southern Africa. In March 2016, the International Growth Centre (IGC) and the Bank of Sierra...

    4 Jan 2017 | Sarah Logan, Nadia Hasham

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    Opening the door to formalisation: Small-scale diamond mining and rural economic development in Sierra Leone

    Since their discovery in the 1930s, alluvial diamonds have made a significant contribution to the rural economy in resource-rich stretches of Sierra Leone. However, although the artisanal diamond mining sector has provided employment for hundreds of thousands of poor people, has generated valuable start-up capital for downstream industries and has helped to nourish...

    28 Nov 2016 | Roy Maconachie, Ainsley Butler, Gavin Hilson

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    Election debates in Sierra Leone: Scoping for scale-up

    During Sierra Leone’s 2012 parliamentary elections, an IGC study found that on a constituency level, publicly-screened debates between rival political candidates had a significant impact on voter knowledge and behaviour, and in turn the subsequent performance of elected MPs. Encouraged by these findings, this project sought to find the best ways to scale up debates...

    25 Nov 2016 | Rachel Glennerster, Laura Poswell

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    The realities of cross-border trade from Sierra Leone to other Mano River countries

    Informal Cross Border Trade (ICBT) has become a topical issue in Africa, and in particularly the Mano- River Union (MRU) due to its broader impact on the economies of these countries. This form of trade lowers the efficiency of measures put in place to ensure health, safety and environmental protection. Agricultural commodities which are often traded informally, for...

    8 Nov 2016 | Samuel Jibao, Isata Mahoi, James Fomba Sandy

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    Cashless economics: The new wave of mobile money

    2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of M-PESA, the digital wallet that transformed financial inclusion and banking starting first in Kenya spreading through much of East Africa. In March of this year, the IGC held a ‘Sub-Regional Workshop on Mobile Money in West Africa’ to explore the challenges and opportunities facing West Africa, as they seek to replicate...

    17 May 2016 | Upaasna Kaul