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    Agricultural Productivity and Rural-Urban Migration in Tanzania

    The role of agriculture in economic growth and the wider structural transformation of Tanzania is a key concern for policy makers. Understanding whether the main driver of rural income growth lies in productivity growth within agriculture itself or through the growth of off-farm activities is particularly important in countries like Tanzania, where 80% of its residents...

    1 Jun 2010 | Martina Kirchberger, Fulgence Mishili, Stefan Dercon

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    Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Rules in Tanzania

    In the fiscal arena, Tanzania has performed well over much of the past decade, as was noted by the IMF in its 2011 discussion of revenue mobilization in developing countries, where it gave Tanzania (along with El Salvador and Vietnam) as one of its three examples of “strong performers”. Revenue performance, measured by the ratio of revenue to GDP, improved rapidly; and...

    1 Mar 2010 | David Bevan, Christopher Adam

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    Food Prices and Inflation Dynamics in Tanzania

    Addressing the recent sharp rise in inflation has become a central macroeconomic policy concern in Tanzania, as it has across East Africa. The macroeconomic environment has become particularly volatile since the recent financial crisis. Growth in Tanzania has fluctuated and year-on-year headline inflation edged above 10 percent in mid-2008. This study develops an...

    1 Mar 2010 | Christopher Adam, David Kwimbere, Wilfred Mbowe, Stephen O'Connell

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    Dollarisation in Tanzania

    The use of U.S dollar as unit of account, medium of exchange and store of value in Tanzania has raised concerns among policy makers and the general public. This paper attempts to shed some light on the key stylized facts of dollarization in Tanzania and the EAC region. We show that compared to other EAC countries, financial dollarization in Tanzania is high, but steadily...

    1 Oct 2009 | Pantaleo Kessy, Christopher Adam

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    The Demand for Money in Tanzania

    We develop an econometric model of the demand for M2 in Tanzania, using quarterly data from 1998 to the present. The continuous decline in velocity since the late 1990s is associated with a transformation of economic activity that has cumulatively increased the monetary intensity of GDP. Portfolio behavior also responds to expected inflation and to exchange rate...

    1 Sep 2009 | Stephen O'Connell, Pantaleo Kessy, Christopher Adam, Johnson J. Nyella

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    New look at the "growth without poverty reduction" debate

    This paper examines one aspect of the historical income distribution in Tanzania – the shares of top incomes – using information published as a result of the administration of the individual income tax. Although tax data were employed in earlier studies of developing countries, they have tended in recent years to be rejected as a source. In one sense, this is not...

    1 Sep 2009 | Anthony Atkinson