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    COVID-19 vs the ultra-poor graduation approach: Evidence from Bangladesh You can also listen to the audio event recording here (audio begins at 6.20): IGC Admin · COVID-19 vs the ultra-poor graduation approach: Evidence from Bangladesh   The poorest and the most vulnerable households in low-income countries have been hit hardest by COVID-19. In Bangladesh, an additional 22.9% of the population fell below...

    10 November 2021

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    Smart containment strategies for COVID-19 in Bangladesh

    You can watch a recording of the event in its entirety...

    2 July 2020

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    Urban futures for Dhaka and Bangladesh

    IGC Bangladesh hosted a seminar with Professor Tony Venables on 20th July 2017 at the BRAC Centre, followed by a discussion amongst stakeholders working on issues related to urbanisation in Bangladesh. Prof. Venables first talked about urban land use and associated rights and regulation. Issues related to land inevitably have direct implications on urban housing and...

    20 July 2017

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    Seeds of change in the garment industry

    Garment manufacturing is seen as a major opportunity for Bangladesh’s development. The sector has seen massive growth, but with this growth has come a variety of challenges around safety, working conditions, and exposure to international markets. Overall, while there is no doubt about the role garment manufacturing will play in Bangladesh’s development, it is still very...

    16 July 2017

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    State Fragility, Growth and Development: Bangladesh’s Progress

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) Bangladesh Programme hosted a roundtable discussion on ‘State Fragility, Growth and Development: Bangladesh’s Progress’ on 27 April 2017 in Dhaka with Former Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron. The roundtable was chaired by Professor Rehman Sobhan, Founder & Executive Chairman, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD). The IGC...

    27 April 2017

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    Social network, referrals and technology adoption: Randomised field experiments using System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

    IGC Bangladesh, together with the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) of the Ministry of Agriculture, hosted a seminar on 15th January to disseminate the findings of the IGC commissioned study "Social network, referrals and technology adoption: Randomized field experiments using Systems of Rice Intensification (SRI)". The study, led by Professor Asadul Islam...

    15 January 2017

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    Mobile banking and remittances: Evidence from Bangladesh readymade garments sector

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) and BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University hosted a dissemination seminar on ‘Mobile Banking and Remittances: Evidence from Bangladesh Readymade Garments sector’ on 18 December 2016 in Dhaka. The seminar was chaired by Dr. Sultan Hafeez Rahman, Country Director, IGC Bangladesh and Dr. Abu Shonchoy...

    18 December 2016

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    Ready made garments industry: Informing policy with evidence based research

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) and BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, BRAC University (BIGD) jointly hosted a seminar on ‘Ready made Garments Industry: Informing Policy with Evidence based Research’ on the afternoon of 17 July 2016 at Ikebana, Lakeshore Hotel, Dhaka. The half day seminar presented findings from two research papers on the ready made...

    17 July 2016

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    BIGD, BRAC University international conference 2014 on political economy, accountability and governance

    A three-day International Conference on Political Economy, Accountability and Governance was held in Dhaka from 11-13 December, 2014. The event was organised by the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University, in partnership with the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Effective States and...

    1 December 2014

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    Seminar: Gender Equality and Productivity in the Bangladeshi Garment Industry

    In the last thirty years, the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) sector has experienced rapid growth in Bangladesh, employing today more than 4 million workers. While the RMG sector was the first industry to provide large scale employment opportunities to women, few of the jobs have been at the management level. Providing female line operators with vocational training could be a...

    19 November 2014