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    The private sector in the pandemic: From impact to recovery

    The objective of this seminar is to highlight new findings on the ongoing impact of the pandemic to the private sector and discuss scenarios about the recovery phase that will follow. The workshop features a keynote address by Mari Pangestu, Managing Director for Development Policy of the World Bank, presenters from 13 leading development and academic institutions, and...

    21–22 September 2020

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    How to manage urban density post-COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought urgency to the need to understand better the dynamics of urban density and examine how cities can overcome the downsides of density to create productive and livable cities through active policy decisions. This is particularly the case in developing countries that are undergoing rapid urbanisation with limited resources. This online event...

    7 October 2020

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    The impact of COVID-19 on small-holder farmers in India and the way forward

    In India more than 80% of the agriculture sector comprises of small and marginal farmers (Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, 2015). Agriculture and its allied sectors are the source of livelihood of around 54.6% of the population (Economic Survey 2019-20) and its contribution was around 16.5% of the GDP. Furthermore, small-holder farmers contribute to both...

    28 August 2020

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    Policies to address COVID-19’s impact on Africa’s informal sector

    This event explores the impact of COVID-19 on informal workers and discusses necessary policy measures to enhance social protection coverage and support mechanisms to protect informal workers if they lose their livelihoods. Watch the event in its entirety below:   The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly...

    6 August 2020

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    Smart containment strategies for COVID-19 in Bangladesh

    You can watch a recording of the event in its entirety...

    2 July 2020

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    COVID-19 in South Asia: Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan

    South Asia is home to a quarter of humanity and its policy response to COVID-19 matters for the world but there are markedly different views on the policy response in South Asia. The event will explore how governments in South Asia are tackling the pandemic and will focus specifically on Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The panellists will discuss what can be learned from...

    22 June 2020

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    The impact of COVID-19 on international remittances and financial inclusion

    Watch the event as it happened: Global remittances are projected to decline sharply in 2020 due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of migrants and their families have been affected by the pandemic, and a reduction in global remittances can have significant ripple effects across local economies and...

    16 June 2020

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    The impact of COVID-19 on informal and migrant workers in India

    Watch the event here: You can listen to Shahid Vaziralli's interview with Jean Dreze here: India's nationwide lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic has critically dislocated its migrant population. Lacking jobs and money, and with public transportation shut down, hundreds of thousands of migrants were forced to walk hundreds of...

    13 May 2020

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    The economic and security implications of COVID-19 in the Middle East

    Watch the full event: You can also listen to the live event podcast below. The substantial impact of COVID-19 and the corresponding oil price plunge in the Middle East could deepen economic cleavages within and between states. As the virus spreads, draconian containment measures have been put in place by many governments in the...

    6 May 2020

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    Global leadership to support Africa’s response to COVID-19

    Watch the event in its entirety: Highlights from the event can be found here. Our main policy guidance document for policymakers which was launched at the event can be found here. As COVID-19 continues to spread, the impact on lives and the global economy is increasing at an unprecedented speed and...

    29 April 2020