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    Urban Myanmar workshop

    IGC Myanmar hosted a workshop on 23 February to present the policy brief “Urban Myanmar” and to outline an agenda for urban research and policy issues in the country. The event, co-sponsored by the Myanmar Development Institute (MDI, a new government- affiliated think tank), brought together researchers from IGC and local government stakeholders. The sessions...

    23 February 2017

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    Urbanisation, growth and poverty reduction: The role of secondary cities

    IGC Tanzania ran a joint event with the University of Dar es Salaam  (Economics department) to present the results of the study "Urbanisation, growth and poverty reduction: the role of secondary cities", led by Joachim De Weerdt. The event brought together UDSM based researchers and relevant policy makers. The study looks into the role of secondary cities in poverty...

    26 January 2017

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    Industrial policy and structural transformation of Uganda - Lecture series

    In 2016 the Bank of Uganda is commemorating its 50th anniversary through various activities, events, and publications. This Golden Jubilee is an opportunity to focus public attention towards the Bank’s role in promoting economic and financial stability as well as create a context for a broad debate on the national economic development strategy. The Bank is perceived as...

    21 September 2018

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    Evidence for Policy: Electricity and Water Utility Provision

    The overall objective of the event was to create a forum to discuss how research could help inform policies on utility provision in Zambia. To motivate this discussion case studies of projects recently supported by IGC and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) were presented, and a panel of policy-makers in Zambia shared their views. The studies presented covered a...

    21 June 2016

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    Report Launch: Promoting Job-rich Urbanisation in Zambia

    The primary objective of the event was to present and discuss the results from a study titled “Promoting Job-rich Urbanization in Zambia" conducted by Just-Jobs Network (JJN) in collaboration with Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) and IGC. This paper aimed to identify the mix of policies would maximize the prospects of ‘good’ urbanization...

    16 June 2016

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    East and Central Africa Cities Development Forum

    On May 24-26, the IGC participated in the first East and Central Africa Cities Development Forum (ECAC-DEF) in Kampala, Uganda. ECAC-DEF has been created as a platform to spearhead the development of a regional urbanisation framework for East and Central African cities. It brought together urban planners, city officials, civil society representatives, development partners,...

    24–26 May 2016

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    Cities and Development

    Half of the world’s population will soon live in cities, and the major factor behind this statistic is rapid urbanization in developing countries. Productivity in cities is the driving factor behind the recent economic transformation of many countries, including India and China. Rapid urbanization is equally prevalent in countries without the same high levels of economic...

    5 May 2017

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    Urbanisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policies for Success

    Africa is rapidly urbanising: it is the most important structural transformation underway in the region. By 2050, almost regardless of government policies, its urban population will have tripled. But the consequences are critically dependent upon policy choices: successful urbanisation requires active and far-sighted government. At its best, urbanisation can be the...

    13 January 2016

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    What policies would make Kampala a great 21st century city?

    Kampala is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. With a current population of close to 4 million people and an urban growth rate estimated at 5.2%, the city generates about 60% of Uganda's GDP. The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), established in 2010, has shown early success in improving the financial management and quality of service provision in the capital...

    4–5 November 2015

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    IGC Cities Conference

    Location: London School of Economics and Political Science Follow tweets from the conference on the hashtag #BuildingCities Today, for the first time in history, more than 50% of the world’s population live in towns and cities. While the growth in urbanisation so far has mainly been led by developed countries, developing countries across the globe are starting to...

    28–29 January 2016