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    Ghana's infrastructure: The mystery of misspending

    A collaboration between IGC researcher Martin Williams and Ghana’s civil service found that 1/3 of infrastructure projects were not being finished and this was primarily a result of poor financial planning that saw new projects started before other ones had been completed. This short documentary tells the story of this collaboration and is an example of ‘research...

    9 Mar 2018

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    Rocco Macchiavello: The coffee chain - Linking farmers to the global market

    How can smallholder farmers in Africa overcome barriers and export their produce to valuable Western markets? Rocco Macchiavello (LSE), Lead Academic for IGC Myanmar, discusses his research on coffee value chains.

    26 Feb 2018

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    In conversation with Jennifer Musisi at the World Urban Forum

    Astrid Haas (International Growth Centre) speaks to Jennifer Musisi (Executive Director, Kampala Capital City Authority) about policies for growing cities at the World Urban Forum.

    14 Feb 2018

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    Elias Papaioannou: The economics of clearing land mines

    IGC researcher Elias Papaioannou of the London Business School discusses his research on the economic effects of clearing landmines, using the example of Mozambique.

    12 Feb 2018

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    From fragile cities to renewal (World Economic Forum panel)

    Fragility Commission Chair David Cameron spoke at this event on fragile cities at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2018 in Davos. More than 239 cities around the world are classified as fragile due to pollution, conflict, terrorism, unemployment and lack of electricity coverage, among other factors. What is needed to upgrade urban spaces to better protect the...

    7 Feb 2018

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    Jennifer Musisi: Urban challenges in the developing world

    Jennifer S Musisi, Executive Director of the Kampala Capital City Authority, outlines some of the key challenges facing cities in the developing world.

    7 Feb 2018

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    Firms, markets, and development conference 2017

    25 Jan 2018

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    Jitendra Bajpai: An agenda for urban access

    Jitendra Bajpai of Columbia University outlines the 3 major accessibility problems facing cities in developing countries and policy ideas for how to overcome them.

    14 Dec 2017

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    Fred Andema: Reforming Vacant Land

    Fred Andema, Acting Director of Revenue Collection for the Kampala Capital City Authority, discusses the problem of vacant land in cities and how the KCCA plans to tackle this issue with the help of the IGC.

    13 Dec 2017

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    Fred Andema: A case study of Kampala's revenue administration reforms

    Fred Andema, Acting Director of Revenue Collection for the KCCA, discusses the administrative challenges of local revenue mobilisation and how ongoing reforms in Kampala have increased tax compliance.

    11 Dec 2017