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    Video: Energy reforms in Pakistan

    This video focuses on two areas that the IGC has worked on with the Government of Pakistan to reform energy policy. The first looks at reducing air pollution with ZigZag Kiln technology and the second looks at ways to increase energy supplies.

    2 Dec 2019

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    Video: Social protection transfers and the role of food assistance

    The IGC India Research Conference: Evidence for inclusive growth presents and discusses frontier research from IGC and LSE economists examining key components of inclusive economic growth in India. To view and watch the other event sessions, visit:

    29 Nov 2019

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    The potential of cities in Pakistan

    Shahrukh Wani, Cities Economist, speaks with Dr. Ali Hasanain, Assistant Professor of Economics at LUMS, on the potential of cities in Pakistan and how increasing their efficiency can boost the economy exponentially for Pakistan@100's first skype podcast. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and the World Bank Pakistan have partnered on a series of outputs and...

    21 Nov 2019

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    Video: Inclusive growth in Uganda

    As Uganda's population continues to increase, inclusive growth and improving productivity will be vital to the country's development. IGC Uganda Country Economist Nicole Ntungire explains.

    18 Nov 2019

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    Using ICT to build state capacity

    A well-functioning state requires the effective management of its systems and resources. This video shows how IGC work has played an important role in developing Information Communications Technologies to improve government service delivery in Pakistan across areas such as tax collection, procurement, and health.

    7 Nov 2019

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    Kabul: Identity, legitimacy and governance

    What roles do cities, with their youthful populations, play in developing a sense of identity and legitimacy in fragile contexts? This panel takes Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan and the fifth fastest-growing city in the world, as a case study to examine how urban contexts and actors can support, or undermine, national stability by providing a dense spatial context...

    4 Nov 2019

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    Mobile phone technology and Uganda's development

    IGC Country Economist Nicole Ntungire discusses how mobile phones have the potential to play an important role in Uganda's development, particularly through mobile banking and monitoring service delivery.

    31 Oct 2019

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    Financing Pakistan's cities

    New decentralisation laws in Pakistan have created opportunities for Punjab's cities to increase revenues raised from property and land. A new video looks at how the IGC advised policymakers on its tax reform agenda and in strengthening revenue collections through incentives.

    28 Oct 2019