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    Financing fast-growing cities

    Many developing country cities are growing at an unprecedented rate. To respond to this unplanned, rapid expansion, it will be beneficial for city authorities both to expand existing revenue sources and explore new financing options to match higher demand for public services. Cities like Kampala, Uganda, will triple in size by the year 2050, according to estimates...

    27 Jun 2017 | Astrid Haas, Paul Collier

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    Beyond borders: Making transport work  for African trade

    Africa has seen massive trade liberalisation in the last three decades. But the success of translating reduced tariffs into increased international trade has been limited and geographically unbalanced. One of the main reasons for this is the high cost of moving goods within countries. While the rest of the developing world has been tapping into global value chains and...

    30 Mar 2017 | Dave Donaldson, Amanda Jinhage, Eric Verhoogen

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    Rewarding bureaucrats: Can incentives improve public sector performance?

    This brief synthesises lessons from the latest research on strategies to improve the performance of public sector workers, including government administrators and frontline service providers, such as teachers and health workers. The focus is on strategies for recruiting and motivating the public sector workforce.

    23 Mar 2017 | Oriana Bandiera, Adnan Khan, Julia Tobias

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    Growth Brief: The cost of violence - Estimating the economic impact of conflict

    Alongside its dire humanitarian costs, armed conflict poses a range of risks to a country’s economic growth and development. Measuring the economic impacts of violence matters because it can inform resilience strategies and drive resources toward conflict prevention. Fragile states often struggle to maintain resilience to conflict and other shocks; conflict, economic...

    13 Dec 2016 | Hannes Mueller, Julia Tobias

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    Growth brief: Harnessing FDI for job creation and industrialisation in Africa

    During the last decade and a half, African economies grew at nearly double the rate of the 1990s. However, the commodity boom obscured a key weakness in African economic performance – slow manufacturing growth. Productivity increases in Africa, after 2000, happened without the deep structural change that shifts labour from low to high productivity jobs (McMillan et...

    24 May 2016 | John Sutton, Amanda Jinhage, Jonathan Leape, Richard Newfarmer, John Page

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    Growth brief: Taxing to develop - When 'third-best' is best

    Taxes are a channel of reciprocal exchange between citizens and governments. Taxes increase government accountability, encourage better governance, public service delivery and enforcement of law and order for the protection of citizen rights – essential ingredients for economic growth. Without widespread monitoring and reporting systems to capture and verify...

    14 Apr 2016 | Henrik Kleven, Adnan Khan, Upaasna Kaul

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    Growth brief: Transforming the economic lives of the ultra-poor

    Despite considerable progress in recent decades, nearly 1 billion people worldwide live below the international extreme poverty line of $1.90 per day. A group that has been particularly hard to reach with anti-poverty programmes are the ‘ultra-poor’. With low assets and few skills, the ultra-poor work largely in insecure wage labour, do not participate in...

    9 Dec 2015 | Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Upaasna Kaul

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    Growth brief: Contagion, crime, and congestion - overcoming the downsides of density

    With rapid urbanisation in the developing world comes contagion, crime, and congestion. Overcoming these is one of the great policy challenges of the 21st century. This brief outlines why these issues are so important to the prosperity of cities and discusses ways to tackle them, providing useful lessons for policymakers. It also identifies opportunities for...

    19 May 2015 | Edward Glaeser, Helen Dempster

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    Growth brief: Making cities work for development

    Cities can be productive and liveable places but poor public services, weak infrastructure, and institutional and legal obstacles to private investment have in many cases undermined their performance. In this brief we analyse the potential of cities in the developing world and the interventions required to achieve this potential. This brief is particularly useful for...

    5 May 2015 | Tony Venables

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    Growth brief: Harnessing natural resources for inclusive growth

    Natural resources can support sustainable and inclusive growth in sub-Saharan Africa if key policy areas in the natural resource management chain are tackled and strong institutions are put in place. In this brief, we present a framework for natural resource management. This brief can be useful for policy-makers looking to strengthen and better diagnose the weaknesses in...

    24 Mar 2015 | Paul Collier, Caroline Laroche