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    Evaluating a novel approach for expanding the pool of entrepreneurs creating SGBs in Myanmar

    This project will try to understand what characteristics and skills entrepreneurs need to succeed. The researchers will then use an iterative design thinking process and pilot interventions to test whether a mostly psychological intervention can make early-stage entrepreneurs believe in their own ability to improve in any skill and have the skillset for actually doing so....

    3 Aug 2022 | Louise Guillouet, Reka Zempleni

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    Hiring frictions and growth among small firms: Evidence from an internet platform-based experiment

    This project uses randomisation of access to an online job portal for firms seeking entry-level workers in Bangalore, India to test whether frictions in the labour recruitment process constrain the growth and productivity of small and growing firms. Specifically, the experiment will test whether online portals can do screening and background verifications to improve...

    3 Aug 2022 | A Nilesh Fernando, Niharika Singh, Gabriel Tourek

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    Evaluating the returns to high-quality employees in medium-sized firms

    This project will determine whether facilitating access to highly skilled employees for medium-sized enterprises can have a positive impact on firms’ business practices and overall growth trajectory. Specifically, the researchers will use a randomised experiment on Open Capital Advisors’ managerial secondment model to examine the extent to which the introduction of a...

    3 Aug 2022 | Gregory Van Pelt Lane, Erin Kelley, Vittorio Bassi

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    Targeting consulting services to high-growth entrepreneurs

    This pilot project will examine entrepreneur selection and matching for training programs as well as the ultimate impact of matching strategies on entrepreneur outcomes. Specifically, the researchers will evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing strategies in selecting entrepreneurs that have high potential for growth and improving the effectiveness of the training...

    3 Aug 2022 | Golvine de Rochambeau, Vittorio Bassi

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    What do high-growth entrepreneurs in Africa want?

    This project will take advantage of a large dataset from VC4Africa containing information on start-ups, investors, and entrepreneur support organisations in Africa. The researchers will build this dataset out further with new survey data on the decision-making processes of entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to serve as the basis for planned field experiments to...

    3 Aug 2022 | Emanuele Colonnelli

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    Measuring and managing impact: A field experiment

    Investors and firms face uncertainty over how to measure and manage impact, an uncertainty that introduces severe challenges when trying to evaluate the growth of firms in low-income countries across both financial and impact metrics. This project aims to be a large-scale causal examination of impact management and measurement (IMM) practices in Low Income Countries (LICs)....

    3 Aug 2022 | Emanuele Colonnelli, Tanuja Kate

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    Corporate transparency and investment readiness

    Corporate transparency (the extent to which a firm’s actions are observable by outsiders) is thought to be a key success factor for SGBs around the world. A lack of corporate transparency prevents SGBs from accessing finance needed for growth. This project aims to (1) measure corporate transparency on a large scale and (2) examine the short- and long-term causal effects...

    3 Aug 2022 | Emanuele Colonnelli, Thomas Rauter

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    Can light-touch accelerator programmes foster business performance? Evidence from ICT enterprises in Bangladesh

    The ICT sector in Bangladesh is rapidly growing, creating high-skilled jobs for youth as well as diversifying the export base. However, so far there is limited evidence on the impact of business incubation and accelerator programmes on firm survival and growth. To fill this evidence gap, this research examines the impact of a light-touch business accelerator support...

    3 Aug 2022 | Abu Shonchoy, Israt Jahan, Norihiko Matsuda

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    Does crowdfunding play a catalytic role in the development of Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in sub-Saharan Africa?

    Crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance has gained prominence over time. Early-stage businesses typically do not have sufficient access to financial capital because they lack performance history. Crowdfunding platforms enable entrepreneurs to access financial capital from the wider and potentially more open-minded audience while investors can find enterprises that...

    3 Aug 2022 | Sylvia Dimiti, Laura Barasa, Li-Wei Chen

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    Misallocation or mismeasurement? Collecting new panel data to improve production function estimation

    SMEs tend to show substantial differences in productivity even within narrow industries and geographical regions. In order to design effective industrial policies, it is important to quantify such differences in the productivity of SMEs, identify what constraints drive these differences, and to understand what are the benefits of reducing them through external policy...

    28 Apr 2022 | Vittorio Bassi, Monica Morlacco, Tommaso Porzio, Esau Tugume