Ideas for India

Ashok Kotwal (University of British Columbia) gave the conference an outline of the Ideas for India portal which is celebrating its first birthday tomorrow, 19 July 2013. A key inspiration behind the portal was to make the wealth of research done by the IGC and other researchers available in an accessible format to policymakers and lay-people. The portal, which publishes two to three articles per week, attracts 8,500-9,000 total visits per month, and has nearly 1,300 Twitter followers and 815 Facebook followers. The portal is also open-source, so any respectable publication is encouraged to re-print the information. A variety of contributions are sought: ‘Columns’ from researchers about empirical and other studies, ‘Debates’ between researchers and policymakers, ‘Notes from the field’ from civil society organisations and others working at the grass roots level, and ‘Reflections’ which are opinion pieces. Contributions are encouraged from all researchers working in this field as well as comments on existing pieces.