Session 10: Priorities for Further IGC Research

Chaired by IGC Executive Director Jonathan Leape, this session provided policy-makers the chance to tell the IGC what their top priorities for research were, and to answer additional questions from the audience. The panellists included Mrs. Diana Afriyie Addo, Hon. Elizabeth James Bol, Keith Muhakanizi, Louis Kasekende, Amb. George Kayonga, Francis Chipimo and Hon. Helen Kuyembeh. Some of the key priorities for research mentioned by panellists are mentioned below.

George Kayonga (Rwanda) reinstated the importance for IGC to frequently collaborate with partners and to commission research related to structural adjustment – the movement of labour from agriculture to the industrial and service sector – and its related problems of unemployment, urban development and transition from the informal to the formal sector. Elizabeth Bol (South Sudan), after expressing her enthusiasm for more research to inform African policy-making, requested the IGC to research the various aspects surrounding oil extraction in South Sudan, including the economic impact of the oil shutdown, the support of women in extractive industries, local content policies and corporate social responsibility. Diana Afriyie Addo (Ghana) asked IGC to help them gather more and better data to identify growth trends and improve forecasting. Others mentioned the importance of studying trade and the dynamics of inter-regional integration and civil service reforms.

Following the short presentations from the panellists, audience members asked several questions. Some of them pertained the importance of considering social aspects of growth in research, such as poverty and inequality, in order to ensure that growth is truly inclusive. Others pertained to the importance of large projects and infrastructural development. Finally, Jonathan Leape concluded by thanking everyone for their feedback, and reassured everyone that the comments would be instrumental in shaping our work and would be seriously considered. He also encouraged everyone to get in touch with our country office staff to develop partnerships, identify the agenda and collaborate on further projects.