Welcome Introductory Remarks

Introductory remarks were given by Dr. Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse – Country Director for IGC Ethiopia.

He then invited Prof. Sir Paul Collier to officially open the Urbanisation workshop. Prof. Sir Paul Collier began the discussion by outlining of the general process of structural transformation that growing cities must undergo to become prosperous. For Ethiopia, the path from poverty to prosperity may come from a well-managed process of urbanisation. Cities, Prof. Sir Paul Collier argued, offer people hope, but whether that hope is realised depends on how the process of urban development is managed.

He then noted that to produce growth for ordinary people, a city must create an environment that is both liveable and productive. Ethiopia is well placed to lead the discussion on African urbanisation, as it continues to have a need for a robust urbanisation agenda. It is well suited to absorb evidence and research into effective policy design.

Summary written by Upaasna Kaul, Managing Editor & Hub Economist