The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • Neglected drivers of urbanisation in Africa Sean Fox

    The common assumption that rural-to-urban migration is the primary source of rapid urban population growth in Africa is flawed. Natural population increase within urban areas...

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  • The demographic impact of extended paid... Salma Ahmed

    With the passage of the Labour Act of 2006, Bangladesh outperforms India and other South Asian countries in paid maternity leave (ML) provisions. This record improvement in...

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  • What the government is (and isn’t) doing to fix... Ijaz Nabi, Hina Shaikh

    What is the government currently doing about Pakistan’s staggering urban challenges? Where is more work needed? Here is an overview per issue. Housing Pakistan faces a...

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  • Yangon’s mobility crisis: A governance problem Sean Fox

    A mobility crisis has arisen in Yangon, Myanmar, as growth-induced congestion is slowing travel times for the city’s widely used buses, thereby incentivising car ownership...

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  • Rural electrification with off-grid community... Michaël Aklin, Patrick Bayer, S.P. Harish, Johannes Urpelainen

    Randomised controlled trial measuring effect of installing solar microgrids in 81 villages in Uttar Pradesh who previously had no electricity and used kerosene lamps to...

  • Women’s empowerment and changing social norms:... Shabana Mitra, Karl Ove Moene

    An evaluation of the long-term impact of the Government of Bihar’s bicycle programme, started in 2006, where every girl enrolled in grade 9 receives money to buy a...