The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • Voting (Website)

    Post-election challenges for Zambia

    Muloongo Simuzingili

    The two leading candidates in Zambia's presidential election are in a tight race. The result while have a big influence on the country’s future economic direction

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  • Female Corrption Protesters (Web Box)

    Do women in power have an impact on corruption?

    Chandan Jha, Sudipta Sarangi

    While the concept of women inherently possessing a higher level of civic integrity is debatable, studies suggest that women in positions of power can help reduce...

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  • Ebola (Web Box)

    The economic implications of Ebola

    Rachel Glennerster, Eric Werker, Tavneet Suri, Herbert M'cleod

    In brief: The outbreak of Ebola has highlighted the need for economists to assess the impact of the crisis Three surveys are being undertaken in Sierra Leone and Liberia...

  • UNICEF/JICA/Regional Government Joint DRS and WASH MIssion to Somali Region

    IGC Public Lecture with Jeffrey Sachs

    4 February 2015

    Date: Wednesday 4 February 2015 Time: 3-4pm Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, London School of Economics and Political Science The Age of Sustainable...

  • Redacted (Web Box)

    Transparency: Who does it hold accountable?

    Stuti Khemani, Philip Keefer

    Transparency and accountability of government are considered core institutions for political and economic development. Yet, an issue that often gets obscured is whether by...

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  • Entrepreneurs

    Basic entrepreneurship: A big new idea in development

    Oriana Bandiera, Robin Burgess, Imran Rasul

    In brief: Evaluation of the BRAC ultra-poor programme in Bangladesh Programme focus is on empowering women and has reached 400,000+ people Project led to a 38% average...

  • Cell Phones - Business.time

    East Africa Mobile Money Forum

    12 February 2015

    Mobile money is revolutionising retail banking in East Africa. In Kenya, nine out of ten adults now have a mobile money account, whereas a few years ago the bulk of the...

  • India water pollution

    Switching to sanitation in South Asia: A study of...

    Diane Coffey, Dean Spears

    “Sanitation is more important than independence” - Mahatma Gandhi In brief: Sanitation is crucial for health and financial prosperity, and thus economic...

  • Nairobi Slums2 (Web Box)

    Why housing is key to Africa’s development

    Paul Collier

    Housing policy is the single most important factor in Africa's economic development. It needs to be elevated to the highest political level

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