The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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    Myanmar: A new breed of mobile money?

    Aaron Weisbrod

    Widespread smart-phone and mobile-money usage is coming to Myanmar. The potential of these technologies, both as a consumer tool and an innovation for current government and...

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  • New cement factory opens in Ethiopia - one of Africa's fastest-growing nations

    Delivering low income housing in Rwanda

    Robert Buckley, Sally Murray

    Kigali should be an engine of growth and poverty reduction for Rwanda. But just 1,000 formal houses are built there each year, and most are too expensive for the majority...

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  • Electricity 4 (310x150)

    Pre-paid electricity: Better service delivery for...

    Kelsey Jack, Grant Smith

    Prepaid water and electricity meters offer a promising solution to lumpy and unpredictable bills by allowing customers to choose the timing and quantity of purchases. At the...

  • Cookstove - Energy 2 (310x150)

    The impact of clean stoves on charcoal consumption...

    Yonas Alem, Peter Berck, Martin Chegere

    A large proportion of households in urban areas of Africa use charcoal as a main source of energy for cooking. The use of biomass fuel like charcoal has been documented to be...

  • Energy - Coal (3)

    Growth Brief: Harnessing natural resources for...

    Paul Collier, Caroline Laroche

    Natural resources can support sustainable and inclusive growth in sub-Saharan Africa if key policy areas in the natural resource management chain are tackled and strong...

  • Flood 8 (Web box)

    Effects of Climate Change on Low-lying and...

    Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Raymond Guiteras, Richard Hornbeck

    Global climate change is likely to cause rising sea levels and increased frequency and severity of flooding in low-lying areas. Evidence is needed on the magnitude and...

  • Education - India (6) (310x150)

    Defining teacher quality in India

    Mehtabul Azam, Geeta Kingdon

    One of the important debates in education policy has been how to improve the educational achievement within schools. It has been increasingly recognized that one of the most...

  • Construction - Ethiopia 2 (310x150)

    Strengthening the contribution of cities to growth

    Hugh Wenban-Smith

    Strengthening the role of Africa’s urban areas as engines of growth remains a major challenge; while research can make a contribution, the focus needs increasingly to be on...

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  • TV - Tanzania (310x150)

    Fighting poverty with soap operas

    Eliana La Ferrara

    With their tremendous reach and popularity, soap operas might at first look like light entertainment but they maybe a potent tool to influence attitudes and spur growth and...

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