The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • City - Delhi - India

    Are ‘Smart Cities’ enough for India?

    Shahana Chattaraj

    Smart cities are an important component of India' s ambitious plans for urban development. However, without adequate administrative and governance resources to plan and...

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  • Tanzania - Cities - Mwanza

    Urbanisation, growth, and poverty reduction: The...

    Luc Christiaensen, Joachim De Weerdt

    Should Tanzania foster growth through investment in large cities, concentrating on reducing congestion costs there and banking on economies of scale and agglomeration to drive...

  • Business - Pakistan (2)

    Moving Pakistan up the value chain: Opportunities...

    Hina Shaikh

    Textiles, particularly readymade garments, are a significant and growing component of Pakistan’s Economy. This blog, by the IGC’s Hina Shaikh outlines challenges and...

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  • Mohamed F. Tarawalie is a member of team four at the District Ebola Response Centre (DERC) in Port Loko.

The team recently decontaminated a house in Makamie near Port Loko in February and returned to the village to see how the family and neighbours are getting on.

Mohamed is a school teacher but has been working to fight ebola since the schools were shut down in 2014.

    The economic implications of hierarchy in rural...

    Sahar Parsa, Pablo Querubín, James Robinson

    Sahar Parsa, Pablo Querubín and James Robinson have been investigating the impact of the social structure and hierarchy of rural Sierra Leone on the allocation of resources...

  • Energy - Oil (310x150)

    Managing Oil Savings

    Charles Phillip McPherson

    South Sudan is unique in many ways. A new country, landlocked, formed in very difficult conditions and still facing many unresolved issues with limited capacity in many areas....

  • City - Pakistan (33)

    Reading roundup

    Upaasna Kaul

    This month, we bring you the first in a regular series on the blog - showcasing newsworthy articles, blogs, and essays currently being read by staff around the IGC. Can...

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  • City - Ethiopia (310x150)

    Growth brief: Making cities work for development

    Tony Venables

    Cities can be productive and liveable places but poor public services, weak infrastructure, and institutional and legal obstacles to private investment have in many cases...

  • Bangladesh - Trade (310x150)

    Political strikes and its impacts on trade:...

    Kazi Iqbal, Reshad Ahsan

    Delays are an important barrier to international trade. Djankov, Freund, and Pham (2010) estimate that an additional day spent prior to shipment reduces trade by more than 1...

  • Electricity 4 (310x150)

    Pre-paid electricity: Better service delivery for...

    Kelsey Jack, Grant Smith

    Prepaid water and electricity meters offer a promising solution to lumpy and unpredictable bills by allowing customers to choose the timing and quantity of purchases. At the...