Thiemo Fetzer

PhD student
London School of Economics and Political Science
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Thiemo Fetzer is a PhD student affiliated with STICERD at the London School of Economics and Political Science.  His main areas of research are development economics, behavioural economics and applied economics.

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Piracy in Somalia costs billions

For every $120 million seized by pirates in Somalia, the cost to the shipping industry and the end consumer is between $0.9 and $3.3 billion, according to research by Tim Besley (LSE and the IGC Steering Group), Thiemo Fetzer (LSE) and Hannes Mueller (Barcelona GSE). This money is enough to employ well over a million Somalis for a whole year.

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State capabilities

Can workfare programmes moderate violence?

It is widely known that income shocks may trigger spurts of violence. This column explores whether workfare programmes can help mitigate support for violent movements. It finds that MNREGA has had a moderating effect on the intensity and incidence of terrorist violence in India, through the provision of more stable incomes - even for those who do not directly participate in the programme.