Husnain Fateh Ahmad

Husnain Fateh Ahmad is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. His research interests  fall under the umbrella of microeconomic theory and industrial organisation. Ahmad has applied behavioural game theory to study the phenomenon of over bidding in first and second price auctions as well as modelled the effects of corruption in the form of bribery on total welfare and efficiency.

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    Decentralised electric power delivery model for rural electrification in Pakistan

    How does one go about providing electricity to 55 million Pakistanis who live “off-grid”? Conventional electrification strategies through large dams and thermal generation sites have a huge and often prohibitive upfront costs of setup and distribution. Recent innovations in photovoltaic technology, coupled with the steady decline in prices of solar panels have made...

    25 Feb 2016 | Hassan Abbas Khan, Husnain Fateh Ahmad, Nauman Ahmad Zaffar