Sectoral strategies for Pakistan's 10th Five Year Plan

Project Active from to State and Tax

This project was to assist in the formulation of sectoral strategies for Pakistan’s 10th Five Year Plan (available as an output below). The strategies were discussed with line ministries at the federal and provincial levels, the planning and development departments of different provinces, representatives of civil society, the principal international financial institutions, and the major donors. These organisations provided discussion and feedback.

The formulation of a new growth strategy is only the first step. In order to make the strategy operational, the growth strategy will have to be fleshed out with analysis and policy recommendations for each of the major sectors. The Deputy Chairman has asked for help in developing strategies and policies for each sector, drafting the relevant document, and discussing them with the provinces, federal ministries and agencies, members of civil society, the major development institutions (in particular, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank), and the main bilateral donors.