The International Growth Centre (IGC) works with policymakers in developing countries to promote inclusive and sustainable growth through pathbreaking research.

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  • Responding to imported inflation in Uganda:... Liam Carson, Harriet Conron, Richard Newfarmer

    Inflation is ravaging the world, driven by a combination of post-pandemic supply chain disruptions, a rebound in global demand, and the war in Ukraine. The first...

  • Climate Justice: Sharing the global climate... Ashfaqul Chowdhury

    Climate change is now recognised as one of the most serious threats facing humanity and earth. The impact of climate change on livelihoods and communities undermines poverty...

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  • Climate information services to enhance... Seneshaw Tamru, Bart Minten, Bethelhem Koru Aga

    Access to climate information services can improve agricultural productivity and farmers' resilience in Ethiopia. Panel data estimates reveal access to existing weather and...

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  • In extremity and externality: Need for policies to... Nikita Sharma

    Despite the undeniable threats of climate change, little consideration has been given to creating social safety nets for the vulnerable or engendering resilience in...

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  • Herbert M’cleod: The man behind the scenes,... Rachel Glennerster

    IGC Sierra Leone and Liberia Country Director Herbert M’cleod passed away on 19 May 2022. Professor Rachel Glennerster, Lead Academic in the IGC Sierra Leone programme until...

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  • Overcoming barriers to access and agency for women... Shubhranka Mondal

    Despite various policies aimed at fostering women entrepreneurship in India, few women-led businesses reach the same scale as their male counterparts. Traditional gender roles...

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