The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • In defence of density Shlomo Angel, Patrick Lamson-Hall, Oliver Harman, Shahrukh Wani

    At their core, cities are absences of space between people. You can call it density, closeness, or proximity; it is the opposite of distance. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has...

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  • How COVID-19 has affected Lagos traders: Findings... Hakeem Bishi, Shelby Grossman, Meredith Startz

    Traders had virtually zero revenue during Lagos State’s month-long lockdown. Since Lagos partially re-opened on 4 May 2020, most traders have returned to their...

  • COVID-19 in Tanzania: Is business as usual response... Veronica Masubo

    Tanzania’s unconventional approach to COVID-19 may be slow in response and may lack direction, but its uniqueness illustrates the need for governments to form...

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  • Projecting the impact of COVID-19 on exports in... Seneshaw Beyene, Tewodros Makonnen Gebrewolde

    Agriculture exports will likely be the hardest hit, impacting poor rural livelihoods most. Domestic demand needs to be stimulated and protected. Ethiopia is the second most...

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  • Ramping up early detection of COVID-19 with limited... James Dzansi

    The ability to rapidly detect COVID-19 is central to saving lives and protecting livelihoods. However, testing equipment and associated kits are expensive and in short supply....

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  • Protecting lives and livelihoods during the... Titan Alon, James Dzansi, Minki Kim, David Lagakos, Henry Telli, Mitchell VanVuren

    Blanket lockdowns have proven to be unsustainable, particularly in developing countries. This brief examines how age-targeted policy measures could keep economies largely...