The International Growth Centre (IGC) works with policymakers in developing countries to promote inclusive and sustainable growth through pathbreaking research.

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  • The impacts of climate change on human wellbeing in... Nikita Sharma

    Climate change is the central challenge facing the world today. With rising temperatures, increasing extreme weather events and other climate catastrophes, it is but essential...

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  • How environmental risk factors affect health and... Kulsum Ahmed, Ijaz Nabi, Amna Mahmood, Farah Said, Sanval Nasim

    Environmental risk factors such as air pollution affect health and income disproportionately in lower income households. In this IGC project, we review the long-term effects of...

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  • How DFIs can better invest in low growth countries Colin Buckley

    Low growth countries struggle with persistent and extreme poverty and uncertainty about the ability of the private sector to grow. This makes new thinking in development...

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  • Photo: Mwangi Kirubi
    The development bargain: Why elites gamble on growth

    29 September 2022 You can also listen to the audio event recording here: IGC Admin · The development bargain: Why elites gamble on growth In the last 30 years,...

  • How Pakistan can finance its greenhouse gas... Ijaz Nabi, William P. Mako, Amna Mahmood

    Meeting targets for emissions reduction requires innovative strategy, especially in coal-dependent, emissions-heavy countries. This strategy also requires a comprehensive plan...

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  • Front-lining green jobs in the sustainable... Juliana Oliveira-Cunha

    The global transition to a carbon-neutral economy is expected to create many opportunities in the labour market, often referred to as ‘green’ jobs. In developing countries,...

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