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Surveys and statistics on Mozambique

The IGC is contributing to policy in Mozambique through its work mainly focusing on private sector development and state effectiveness. We have been very active in the areas of mobile money research and the construction industry. Current projects include the development of an Enterprise Map of Mozambique, launched in June 2014, the development of a strategy for the construction industry and an evaluation of management practices in the manufacturing sector.

Under the umbrella of Private Sector Development, we will seek to commission projects related to worker and firm productivity, with a specific focus on improving our understanding of the need for capacity-building. In addition, we would particularly welcome projects related to natural resource management and public service provision challenges (quality and quantity) in both education and health. Mozambique has significant need for such research and below we list some data resources to facilitate preliminary research.

The website both in English and in Portuguese and it contains a whole range of macro indicators for Mozambique. The data are provided in pdf format. Note: unfortunately the site is frequently slow and not always up to date.  

Excel data for credit, balance of payments and inflation (available only in Portuguese)  

Data providing information on Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Mozambique, available both in English and in Portuguese.

Micro data related to demographics and health, latest data are for 2011. Freely available upon registration, website in English.   Data from 2003 to 2011, only available in Portuguese and as a pdf file.   A Dashboard with key data and visualization on gender issues in Mozambique (data are taken from the World Development Indicators database).

This is a Mozambican not-for-profit association, with over 300 member companies. Members are from major sectors of the Mozambican economy including mining, hydrocarbons, agriculture, transport and logistics, telecommunications, forestry, FMCGs, retail, manufacturing and service provision. Information including address, activity and telephone number available.  

This is a public database which aims to map the economic interests of the Mozambican political elite. Available only in Portuguese.  

List of American companies operating in Mozambique on the US Embassy’s website. Company Address and telephone numbers provided on the website.  

Another business directory of Mozambican companies. Address and telephone details available online.  

This is an online business directory of Mozambican companies. Contact details and address available.  

This is a list of companies published online by the Mozambican Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Contact details are not available.  

Publicly available list of firms in Mozambique, available in English. Note: it is not very precise or up to date especially on contact details, but it could still be useful as a first source for someone who is looking for a sampling frame.

Publicly available collection of open-source datasets by country, uploaded by international organizations and individual researchers.    

Part of the bigger project of the African Development Bank OPEN DATA FOR AFRICA, the website contains a wide set of macro and micro data downloadable in excel format, all available upon (free) registration. The website is only in English.  

The website contains a useful collection of time-series data and graphics grouped in the following macro-areas: demographics, key economic indicators, geography, government and military expenditures. The main source of data for this website is the World Bank – World development indicators. Available only in English.  

Micro dataset on the manufacturing sector in Mozambique in 2012. The dataset is jointly owned by the Mozambican Minstry of Economics (Department of studies) and by the University of Copenhagen (DERG). Contact the IGC Mozambique office for more information about the procedure to access the data.