Firms’ resilience innovation and technology

The Private Sector Development Research Network (PSDRN) invites you to a 2-day virtual conference on ‘Firms’ Resilience, Innovation and Technology’, on the 10th and 11th December, 2020.

This year, the PSDRN conference focuses on resilience, innovation and technology in the private sector — relating to private firms, investors, and markets — and discusses key issues which are changing the landscape of firms in developing countries, the problems they face, and the solutions proposed based on past and recent learnings, especially amidst Covid-19. The conference provides a forum to discuss research and analysis, to exchange ideas on future research and forge collaboration.

Find more information here and see attached for a detailed conference program.

PSDRN is a community of institutions with an active research agenda on private sector development and which fosters research collaboration between development finance institutions, think-tanks and academic institutions.