IGC and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Workshop on Labour Force Participation Projections

In the past decade, the labour market has been marked by relatively strong employment growth. A growing employment rate has provided the key link between economic growth and poverty, making it the major tool for poverty reduction in Bangladesh.

Understanding the patterns, sources and implications of employment dynamics is a crucial step for a wide scope of economic policy interventions in order to create a well-articulated employment strategy that promotes employment opportunities to workers with a different background of skills and education attainments.

To this end, IGC and BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) jointly organised the workshop ‘Labour Force Participation Projections’ addressed to junior officials at the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Professor Selim Rahian and Professor Sayema Haque Bidisha, University of Dhaka, introduced the concepts of modelling the labour force participations projections to provide an understanding of determinants and factors of future trends in the labour market.

The three day workshop consisted of six sessions delivering both theoretical and practical tools to the understanding of the future labour market dynamics. More particularly, the lectures focused on labour force modelling and projections, using BBS data for case studies and scenario projections.

This event was covered in The Daily Star.