Seminar: Gender Equality and Productivity in the Bangladeshi Garment Industry

In the last thirty years, the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) sector has experienced rapid growth in Bangladesh, employing today more than 4 million workers. While the RMG sector was the first industry to provide large scale employment opportunities to women, few of the jobs have been at the management level.

Providing female line operators with vocational training could be a solution to help women to advance into management and at the same time to enhance the skill endowment in the factories.

IGC researchers Christopher Woodruff and Rocco Macchiavello  have tested this hypothesis evaluating the impact of the GIZ’s Operator to Supervisor Training Program. The programme trains sewing machine operators to become line supervisors and evaluates the impact of the training on female versus male participants, and the effectiveness of female trainees who are promoted to supervisory roles.

On November 19th at the Lakeshore Hotel, Dhaka, the researchers presented the findings on the impact of the GIZ Operator to Supervisor Training Program. Distinguished guests gave their views on the role of gender, the productivity issues and the contribution of the RMG industry to the development process.

Please see the programme schedule and invitation card below.