Challenges of water provision in Zambia

Past Event Lusaka, Zambia State

The event aimed to discuss the results of two studies into water provision in Zambia by Professor Nava Ashraf (London School of Economics) and Professor Ed Glaeser (Harvard University). The overall objective of the event was to create a forum to discuss the key challenges of water provision in Zambia and how research can help inform policies in the sector.

Based on findings from two recent studies titled “Infrastructure, Institutions and Incentives” and “Water, Health and Wealth”, Professor Ashraf discussed a number of critical topics in the water sector, including:

  • The importance of regular, consistent access to water for the broader economy.
  • The need to tackle the last-mile problem when considering investments in the water sector and infrastructure investments in general.
  • The complementarity between infrastructure provision and institutional strength.

These topics are particularly salient in the Zambian context where substantial Government and foreign aid investments have been allocated for expanding water and sanitation infrastructure.