Conference: Ghana Growth Forum

Past Event Accra, Ghana From 11 Nov 2010 to 12 Nov 2010 State

This Forum, comprised of diverse, self-motivated Ghanaians seeking change and growth of the Ghanaian economy, held its first meeting at Aburi in November 2010. Participants included politicians, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, social workers, academics, trade union representatives, and senior public servants.

Earlier, in February 2010, the IGC held initial conversations with held with a larger, diverse group of individuals. These conversations were to get people’s thoughts on their aspirations and concerns for growth in Ghana and to also gather ideas on how to best engage with a wide spectrum of Ghanaian society. The IGC sought to hear from people—young as well as established leaders from different sectors—who share a passion for change in Ghana. These initial conversations then fed into the work of the three-day Forum.

At the Forum itself, participants discussed their views of Ghana’s constraints and also how such obstacles may be overcome. Many different perspectives and views were shared, and participants decided to form a small working group to take some of their ideas forward.