An Enterprise Map of Tanzania - Book Launch

Past Event Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 13 Dec 2012 Firms

This event launched the Enterprise Map of Tanzania book, written by Professor John Sutton (LSE) with Donath Olomi of the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (IMED). The event was held by IGC in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and disseminated the output of this project to key policy-makers and private sector development stakeholders within Tanzania.

In the first decade of the new millennium, Tanzania's gross domestic product doubled in real terms, making it one of the handful of sub-Saharan economies that have shown strong and sustained growth in recent years. This growth was, moreover, broad based, with manufacturing output growing slightly faster than the economy as a whole. To maintain this rate of growth over the next decade, Tanzania's industrial capabilities will need to advance in a quite substantial way. The foundations for this advance lie in the current capabilities of Tanzania's industrial companies. An Enterprise Map of Tanzania sets out a detailed description, industry by industry, of those capabilities.

A presentation by John Sutton is available for download below. All books in the Enterprise Map series are available for purchase through the IGC's bookshop.