IGC-ISI India Development Policy Conference 2012

Past Event New Delhi, India From 18 Jul 2012 to 19 Jul 2012 Inclusive Growth

In July 2012, the IGC in conjunction with the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), hosted the third India Development Policy Conference. Sessions included macroeconomics/finance, land, human development (health and education), and public service delivery.

The following presentations are available to download:

Session 1: Macroeconomics

Rural-urban divide in India, Viktoria Hnatkovska
The role of foreign investors, Ajay Shah

Session 2: Land

Land market and prices, Sanjoy Chakravorty
Land acquisition for business and compensation of displaced farmers, Dilip Mookherjee

Session 3: Macroeconomics/Finance II

State ownership and systemic risk, Nirupama Kulkarni
Did the Indian capital controls work as a tool of macroeconomic policy?, Ila Patnaik

Session 4: Human development/Health

The enigma of high malnutrition in India, Seema Jayachandaran

Session 5: Human development/Education

Catch up, mismatch and learning: some evidence from India and Turkey, Kala Krishna
Gender, geography and generations, Forhad Shilpi

Keynote address II

Rural economic growth: surmounting the hurdles (Andy Foster)

Session 6: Public service delivery

Does female leadership impact on governance and corruption?, Farzana Afridi
PDS delivery and effects of caste, Sheetal Sekhri