International conference on public finance

Past Event Hotel Maurya, Patna From 7 Dec 2018 to 8 Dec 2018 Inclusive Growth

To commemorate the ten years of the Centre for Economic Policy and Public Finance (CEPPF), IGC India in collaboration with ADRI, is organising an International Conference, titled 'Public Finance: Theory, Practice and Challenges’. As part of the conference, we will host a panel on Health Finance (Does Ayushman Bharat address the issues of healthcare delivery in Bihar?) and Agriculture Finance (Financing Growth and Diversification of Bihar's Agriculture) and will organise IGC India Special Lecture which will be delivered by Professor Abhijit Sen, Member, Planning Commission. The objective of the conference is to discuss different aspects of normative and practical prescription of public finance in the context of emerging economies like India.

For more information about the event, please contact Kumar Das at