Training for productivity workshop

Past Event Ghana From to State and Inclusive Growth

A three-day workshop took place from 22 to 25 February as a result of policy impact follow-up activities from an IGC project on management and productivity in Ghana's Civil Service.

The Office of the Head of the Civil Service (OHCS) and Civil Service Training Centre (CSTC) teamed up to develop a training programme to feed back the results of this study into the Civil Service; researchers collaborated with CSTC to develop a training module that would be integrated into CSTC's training curriculum, which is part of OHCS's career development scheme for Civil Servants.

CSTC trainers, facilitators from the research team, and one of the researcher team Co-Investigators attended the workshop.

The agenda included: familiarisation of trainers with the three sessions contained in the module; discussion of related concepts and examples to be referred to during module delivery; modification of the module based on feedback from trainers; role-play and practice delivering each session, followed by coaching and feedback.

For more information, please contact the IGC Ghana team: [email protected]