Twitter chat: Policy solutions to combat corruption

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Evidence shows that corruption impacts the poor disproportionately and is a major factor driving fragile countries towards state failure.

In recent years, governments in many countries have made big efforts to increase their openness and transparency and increase their accountability to citizens. For example, the development and implementation of e-government and civic technology are key evolutions for public administration, fast becoming efficient and effective tools to improve public transparency and reduce corruption.

What policy solutions have been shown to boost the fight against corruption? What policies have proven to be ineffective? Does civic technology and e-government successfully promote accountability and enable transparency? What are the obstacles to bringing effective policy solutions to developing countries?

To mark International Anti-Corruption Day, the IGC is hosting a Twitter chat on policy solutions to combat corruption. Join researchers, policymakers, and governance experts as they debate how governments, private sector, NGOs, media, and citizens around the world can join forces to increase government accountability.

You can read the highlights of the debate here.