Workshop: Agriculture and Growth in Tanzania

Past Event Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 29 Nov 2011 Firms

The IGC-Tanzania held a research dissemination workshop on Agriculture and Growth in Tanzania on 29 November 2011.

This event provided an opportunity for policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders to discuss findings and policy implications of four important studies undertaken by eminent researchers in the field of Agricultural Economics.

The four papers presented during the workshop were:

Spatial Price Dispersion and Transactions costs in Agricultural Commodities in Tanzania by Beatrice Mkenda and Bjorn Van Campenhout
Agricultural Productivity and Rural-Urban Migration in Tanzania by Martina Kirchberger and Fulgence J. Mishili
The Capacity and Uptake of Agricultural Research in Tanzania - Andrew Coulson and Bitrina Diyamett
Poverty and Productivity: Small-Scale Farming in Tanzania, 1991-1997 by Razack Lokina, Man Nerman and Justin Sandefur

H.B. Lunogelo (Executive Director of the Economic and Social Research Foundation) and Charles K. Mutalemwa (IGC Resident Country Director, Tanzania).

Ninatubu Lema (Ministry of Agriculture) speaking from the audience.

Vincent Leyaro (University of Dar es Salaam), Bjorn Van Campenhout (IFPRI-Uganda) and Brian Cooksey (Tanzania Development Research Group - TADREG).

Joachim De Weerdt (Economic Development Initiatives).

Waly Wane (World Bank).

Brian Cooksey (Tanzania Development Research Group - TADREG) and Bitrina Diyamett (ATPS - Tanzania).

Sam Wangwe (Executive Director - REPOA).

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