Two engineers Arif Sheikh (left) and and Haris Bin Khalid at the Foundation Wind Energy-I Limited (FWEL-I) wind power generation plant located in KhuttiKun New Island, Taluka Mirpur Sakro, Thatta District, Pakistan. Photo by Asian Development Bank

Workshop on climate change and energy

Past Event Islamabad, Pakistan From to

This workshop aims to set the agenda for reform in the power sector while stimulating a debate among the key stakeholders.

Climate change poses significant challenges to Pakistan's energy sector, necessitating a proactive approach to address the associated risks. The country faces increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and an elevated frequency of extreme weather events, all of which directly impact energy consumption, generation, transmission, and distribution. Rising temperatures can reduce the efficiency of thermal power plants and increase energy demand for cooling. Moreover, changing rainfall patterns and glacial melting affect the availability of water for hydropower. To tackle these challenges, it is crucial to invest in renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to diversify the energy mix and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, improving energy efficiency, upgrading infrastructure, and incorporating climate resilience measures in energy planning and policies are essential to ensure a secure and sustainable energy future for Pakistan. By addressing the risks posed by climate change, Pakistan can enhance energy security, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and build a resilient energy sector capable of withstanding the impacts of a changing climate.

IGC, World Bank and CDPR aim to utilise their economic research expertise and set the agenda for reform in the power sector while stimulating a debate among the key stakeholders. This approach would equip all the key stakeholders of the sector with the research and policy tools to address the most serious aspects of the climate crisis impacting the energy sector in Pakistan. This workshop aims to identify adaptation measures and suggest pathways to achieve them while enabling policymakers to form a well-articulated and informed position on climate change and energy.

For more information about the workshop, please email Numair Liaqat, Country Economist, IGC Pakistan at [email protected].