Workshop: The Macroeconomics of Climate Change

Past Event London, UK State

This workshop held at the London School of Economics, aimed to promote global research cooperation on climate-economy issues. A particular focus of the workshop was research on the developing countries’ adaptation to climate change: it is unclear whether the best way to adapt is to focus on traditional growth and development goals, or to divert significant investment into ‘climate-proofing’ productive capital. The conference brought together researchers from North America, Europe, and beyond, to present, discuss, and learn about cutting-edge research at the interface of economics and the climate.

A full programme, detailed summary and presentations from the event are available for download below.

  • Kent Zhao (Xiamen University), with Kerry Smith: Climate change and structural transformation.
  • Tasos Xepapadeas (Athens University of Economics and Business), with William Brock and Gustav Engström: Energy balance climate models and the spatial structure of optimal mitigation policies.
  • Gustav Engström (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences): Structural change in a two-sector model of the climate and the economy.
  • Anthony Millner (London School of Economics), with Simon Dietz: Adaptation to climate change and economic growth in developing countries.
  • Michael Reiter (Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna) with John Hassler and Per Krusell: Integrated assessment in a multi-region world with multiple energy sources.
  • Svenn Jensen (Ragnar Frisch Centre, Oslo) with Christian Traeger: Climate policy and growth uncertainty: dicing with DICE.