Workshop: Teacher’s Workshop on ‘Growth and Development’

Past Event Patna, India State

This initiative of the IGC India-Bihar programme aimed at skill formation and human capital augmentation among college teachers in economics. The experts invited to deliver the lectures included Bharat Ramaswami (Professor, ISI, New Delhi) on‘Role of Food Subsidies in Growth and Development’, Dipankar Dasgupta (Former Professor, ISI, Kolkata) on ‘Growth and Development’ and ‘Modern Growth Theories’, Mritiunjoy Mohanty (Professor IIM, Kolkata) on ‘Structural Transformation in Growth and Development’, Prabhat Prasad Ghosh (Director, ADRI, Patna) on ‘Requirements for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’, Romar Correa (Professor of Economics, Mumbai University) on ‘Money and Finance in Growth and Development’, Sandip Mitra (Associate Scientist, ISI, Kolkata) on ‘Empirical Studies in Development at the Indian Statistical Institute’ and ‘Large Scale Surveys in Growth and Development: Techniques and Strategies’.