The IGC issues a regular call for proposals. We currently have a call for proposals open for our SGB Evidence Fund.

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Funding opportunities with the IGC

The IGC aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research. Based at the London School of Economics and in partnership with the University of Oxford, the IGC directs a global network of world-leading researchers and in-country teams in Africa and Asia.

We welcome you to apply for research funding through our open calls for proposals.

  • The IGC provides funding for high-quality, policy-relevant research on economic growth and development issues. We support cutting edge work that pushes academic research to new frontiers and responds to the needs of policymakers.
  • Funding is available for research focused on four themes: developing an effective state, fostering private sector enterprise, enabling functioning cities, and promoting access to energy – with the underlying aim of driving up living standards and lifting people out of poverty.
  • The IGC strongly encourages proposals for research projects implemented in any of our 15 partner countries in Africa and Asia: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Proposals for projects in other low- and middle-income countries will also be considered.
  • Most of our funded projects are within the range of £5,000 – £200,000, however we do not have strict requirements about minimum or maximum amounts. The average project value is about £50,000.
  • The IGC offers funding through two mechanisms – a regular call for proposals on growth-related research, as well as a rolling ‘Small Projects Facility’ that is aimed at providing rapid-response research to specific in-country requests from policymakers.

We support policy-driven research

The IGC operates programmes in 13 partner countries with ongoing engagements in a further three countries on key government priorities throughout Africa and South Asia. Country offices allow the IGC to be distinctive among international research funding initiatives in sustaining long-term policy engagement, and helping to ensure our work can be demand-led; they facilitate our work with partners, and deepen sensitivity to the political economy of policymaking.

Conducting research in IGC partner countries comes with advantages – access to local research partners, datasets, and established, well connected country teams working to influence local policy. Projects in partner countries become part of the country programme, and engagement with country offices facilitates greater policy impact.

We encourage you to reach out and consult with our country teams before submitting your proposal. Country teams provide dedicated support for policy engagement, facilitating meetings with policymakers and key stakeholders, and providing feedback on proposals and project outputs.

For more information on our operating model, please visit our about page.