Alfred Moyo

  • Research Officer
  • University of Cape Town



On completing his Masters in 2018, Alfred joined TSibA Education as an Associate Lecturer. In 2009 he moved on to Frost & Sullivan, an international market research and growth consulting company. During his time there, he worked on several projects that focused on the energy sector. These included the analysis of production and investment in South Africa’s power generation and liquid fuels industries. Alfred then joined the Energy, Environment and Climate Change research group at the Energy Research Centre in 2010. Since then his research focus has been on the economics of climate change mitigation. This has included the analysis of the socio-economic implications of climate change mitigation policies in South Africa on economic growth, employment and household welfare. Some of the mitigation options he has investigated include carbon taxes, increased deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency. His current interests are on the impact of energy prices on sustainable development.