Annelise Andersen

Annelise Andersen

  • Head of Communications
  • International Growth Centre


IGC Staff

Annelise Andersen is Head of Communications at the International Growth Centre (IGC), based at London School of Economics in London. 

Over the past eight years, Annelise has worked in communications for international development in higher education at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, for the UK government at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and for non-profit, Wellcome. She has a particular interest in ethical storytelling and in finding new, creative ways to share research with global audiences. 

Prior to joining the IGC, Annelise worked at international non-profit Girl Effect, in their marketing and communications and digital delivery departments. Her most recent work focussed on leading international teams to develop innovative technology solutions that help tackle some of the most pressing issues adolescent girls face in Africa and Asia today.