Charles Ntale

  • Regional Director
  • Development Initiatives



Charles is the Regional Director and Special Adviser for East & Central Africa. His work continues to evolve, and presently it focuses on chronic poverty and vulnerability issues, effectiveness of development assistance, linking evidence to policy, and developing north-south partnerships. He has particular interest in working on African Development, and prior to taking up his new job at DI he worked as Head of Social Protection for Africa for Helpage International (2010-2011); Executive Director (and founder) of Development Research and Training (Uganda), and Coordinator of the Chronic Poverty Research Centre’s activities in Eastern Africa.

He has researched on chronic poverty, aid effectiveness, and social protection, and has also had considerable involvement in institutional capacity building, project design, strategic planning, evaluation, and development of monitoring and evaluation systems. Specific themes of interest include HIV and AIDS, exclusion, disability, decentralization, and chronic poverty.