Christopher Allsopp

  • Emeritus Fellow, New College
  • University of Oxford



Christopher Allsopp was appointed non-executive President on 2nd January 2014 and was Director from 2006; he is an Emeritus Fellow of New College. He is author of a Review of Statistics for Economic Policymaking (the ‘Allsopp Review’). He is a former Member of the Monetary Policy Committee (2000–2003) and of the Court of Directors of the Bank of England (1997–2000). He is the Editor of the Oxford Review of Economic Policy and a Director of Oxford Economic Forecasting. Previous activities include working at HM Treasury, the OECD and the Bank of England (where he was Adviser from 1980 to 1983) as well as extensive involvement with domestic and international policy issues as consultant to international institutions and private sector organisations. He has published extensively on monetary, fiscal and exchange rate issues as well as the problems of economic reform and transition. His involvement in the economics of oil and other energy issues goes back to the shocks of the 1970s. He has been involved with the work of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies since its inception.