François Kanimba

  • Minister
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry



François Kanimba was appointed as Rwanda’s Minister of Trade and Industry after a long career in the
Central Bank of Rwanda where he also served as as the Bank’s Governor since 2002. Under his leadership as
the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rwanda is developing new strategies to expand the export base of the
country to reverse the growing trade deficit.

Between 1984 and 1995, Mr. Kanimba also worked in the Ministry of Economic Planning where he developed
a wide expertise in macro-economic management. He was the Chairman of the Governance Task Force which
negotiated Rwanda’s first structural adjustment programme supported by the World Bank, the IMF and other
development partners. Originally trained as an engineer, Mr. Kanimba has a degree in statistics and
economics from the Paris-based European Centre for Training Economists Statisticians for Developing