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Lucas Katera

  • Director of Collaborations and Capacity Building

Dr Katera is an Economist with practical experience on research and policy analysis particularly in the areas of poverty, public policy, governance and service delivery and rural development. As a team member of Formative Research on Local Government Reforms, Dr Katera has worked and published a lot on areas of local government taxation, service delivery and local governance. Recently, Dr Katera has been a team member of a four-year collaborative research programme with the University of Aarhus-Denmark, working on Political Settlement and Revenue Bargain in Tanzania and Uganda. As part of the outputs of this research programme, Dr Katera and the research team have published and undertaken policy discussions on the project relevant topics. Additionally, Dr Katera has been a member of various bodies and task forces working on revenue mobilization and accountability, like Public Expenditure Review; Poverty Monitoring System; and Research Committee of the Prevention and Combat of Corruption Bureau (PCCB).