M A Mannan

M. A. Mannan

  • Minister of Planning
  • Government of Bangladesh



M A Mannan is the Minister of Planning of Bangladesh. After obtaining graduation from Dhaka University he joined the former CSP cadre in 1974 and served in the government of Bangladesh in various positions, including Deputy Commissioner of Kishorgonj, Mymensing and Chittagong. He worked as Joint Secretary (Political) in Ministry of Home Affairs, Director General in the Prime Minister's office and Director General of NGO Affairs Bureau. He also served in the Bangladesh Permanent Mission in Geneva as Economic Minister. He retired from Government service in 2003 as Chairman of Bangladesh Small; Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC).

He joined Bangladesh Awami League in 2005 and was returned as Member of Parliament on Bangladesh Awami League ticket in 2008. In the 9th parliament he served as chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Public Accounts. Besides he served as member in the Parliamentary Standing Comittee of Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defense, in which he represented the Honorable Prime Minister. He was elected to the central Executive Committee of Bangladesh Awami League as member in 2010 and 2013.

Having returned for the second time as a Member of Parliament he has been appointed in the new Cabinet of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as State Minister of Finance on 12 January 2014.