Michael Devereux

  • Director, Centre for Business Taxation
  • University of Oxford



Michael P. Devereux is Director of the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation, Professor of Business Taxation, and Professorial Fellow at Oriel College. He is Research Director of the European Tax Policy Forum, and Research Fellow of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, CESifo and the Centre for Economic Policy Research. He is an elected Board Member of the International Institute for Public Finance, and is Editor-in-Chief of International Tax and Public Finance and Associate Editor of Economics Bulletin. Professor Devereux is a member of the government multinational forum on tax, chaired by the Financial Secretary. He gained his PhD in Economics at University College London. Prior to Oxford, he was Professor and Chair of the Economics Departments at the universities of Warwick and Keele. He has been closely involved in international tax policy issues in Europe and elsewhere, working with the OECD's Committee of Fiscal Affairs, the European Commission and the IMF. His current research interests are mainly concerned with the impact of different forms of taxation on the behaviour of business - for example, the impact of taxation on corporate investment and financial policy and the location decisions of multinationals – and the impact of such behaviour on economic welfare. He has published widely in a range of academic journals.